Improved System Of Parallells And Meridians

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3D model showing a proposed improved system of parallells and meridians for navigation. 6 globes are shown; in the first row of globes regular parallells (see ) were kept; the first globe of the first row shows the current system; the second globe shows the the current system with the earth tilted correctly (see ) The third globe has the current "true north" and "true south" changed for the magnetic north/south (on the map this is 115° N 80° W ; see or at about the Queen Elisabethislands near the Ellesmere islands). In the second row, the parallells were swapped with intersecting lines (similar to the system currently used for the meridians); but then horizontally rather than vertically. The second globe again includes the axial tilt of obliquity, and finally, the third one also has the true north/south swapped for the magnetic north/south. The 3D model was made by Xayzer (see for Appropedia's AT CAD Team (

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