Community Guidelines

Cadyou is based on sharing - If you have created an original model that might be useful to others, please take a minute to upload it - you never know when that good karma will come in handy!

However, in order to keep Cadyou as high quality as possible we ask you to follow some simple guidelines:

Individual objects only please

The central idea behind Cadyou is to create a free database of objects that digital designers can use in their own works. For this reason we only accept individual objects, and not 'scenes'.

For example, people, cars, landscaping, building components and other objects are perfect, however an entire building or collections of multiple, unrelated items may be deleted or split up without warning.

This is to keep Cadyou as high quality and useful as possible - other websites such as Google's 3D Warehouse and 3DVia will happily store more complex 'scenes' and quirky models!

Upload to the correct category

Cadyou has three categories; 2d, 3d, and textures, it is important that you upload your contribution to the correct category otherwise all sorts of nastiness happens and finding your file will be very difficult.

Reduce Layers

Programs such as AutoCAD allow you to create thousands of layers, however leaving these in uploaded files will cause them to be imported into other peoples drawings. This can be confusing and frustrating. It is therefore important that all uploads have the minimum number of layers.

No limited or educational file versions

We do not accept files created in educational versions of software such as AutoCAD. These files will be removed without warning. We also ask that the community be aware of such files and use the report link provided for each file.

No copyrighted, sexual or otherwise offensive content

Our goal is to create a fun and legal place for people to share digital content, accounts found to have uploaded unsuitable material may be removed without warning.

Tag, Tag, Tag

Cadyou has an extensive search facility, the best way to take full advantage of this is to tag your uploads with as many descriptive words as possible. In general the more tags you use, the more likely your file will get rated highly and downloaded often.