How it Works

Cadyou aims to become the biggest and highest quality library of free and creative commons licensed digital models. The site works in a similar way to a wiki, anyone can help build, maintain and contribute to cadyou.

How you can contribute


If you have a 3d model on your hard disc that you think might be useful to others - please contribute it! We encourage models of all types of objects in many file formats.


Don't be afraid to edit - if you are logged in you can edit the listing for any file on the site. Like wikipedia, find something that can be improved and make it better - for example, add tags, descriptions, thumbnails or even upload missing file formats.

Each file has it's own history, so you can't break anything - all changes can be reverted by moderators or edited later so don't worry.


Don't have the time to contribute but would still like to show your support? Any of the following would be really appreciated:

  • Share cadyou on Facebook or Twitter
  • Social bookmark the site
  • Link to cadyou from your website or blog
  • Shave our logo into the back of your head